Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Birthday

Okay, so I was totally going to cheat and backdate my entry, seeing as I officially missed blogging on yesterday, Nov. 19. But, I totally have a good excuse: it was my birthday!!

Yesterday I turned 36! I am the same age my mother was when she had me. Almost to the day—her birthday is exactly one week before mine. It seems odd to me. She had 4 children at this point. I have none. But, then, her life is very different from mine, so.... And, I know many women having children later in life, so I don't think about it too much. (Okay, maybe more than lately, as I told my husband that if we decide to have children, I will not go past 40.)

Anyway, on Friday morning, my coworkers surprised me with a little breakfast brunch. (And, I have to say, even though they like to surprise others as well, and I had at first thought they would do it for me, I had only told my supervisor the date shortly after I started 6 months ago—I figured they had forgotten. But no, they're sneaky! *LOL* My super also got me some lovely tulips.

Then, Friday night we had people over—especially some that I haven't seen in YEARS! It was so good to catch up with OLD, old friends, some older friends, and some friends we have just known a few months, so that was nice. It mad me realize that I want to make more of an effort to catch up with old friends and maintain some of those friendships. I mean, some of these people it was as if we had just seen each other last week, well, except for the fact that some are now married and have kids, but .... ^_^ I think it gets a little harder to make friends as you get older, because you're having to fit into the full life of someone else. Whereas, friendships of old were usually made when single, or when one had less responsibilities and therefore had more time to cultivate those friendships. So, that's one of my goals for the coming year.

OH! Which reminds me, this is a a digression, so bear with me. Remember last year, when I mentioned that I was going to start saving for my Masquerade Ball? Well, I am happy to report that I am on my way! For now I only have a few hundred dollars saved, but ... this next year I hope to put in a little more each month than I have been. In 4 years I should be able to have a fab party!!!

Now, back to my birthday. Poor Brian is sick with either a cold, or really bad allergies. He has been trying so hard to make my day a special one. So, we slept in. (Okay, really, he slept in.) Then we went to brunch at Denny's (yes, IHOP is better, but I like the sausage at Denny's better), then to get groceries (sadly, yes, this still needs to be done), then home to relax, watch some TV and just hang out. Then, later we went to dinner at MasterGrill. It's one of those Brazilian Churrascarias (where they bring meat out on the skewers which they cooked on). So delish! The sirloin last night was excellent. And I always wait for the lamb. It's the first place I ever tried lamb with mint jelly (such a strange-sounding combination, but so tasty!). And, they also have this pineapple coated in brown sugar, which is out of this world! YUM! The nice thing about this place, is that it isn't as pricey as some other similar places around here, but it's still good.

And, for last, the gifts. From my friends, the most memorable was a buckram fascinator form so I can make my own fascinator (so excited), and from Brian, a pair of white gold earrings with a gemstone in them, and a special table lamp made to help with lighting when taking still-life pictures (and also some of my crafty items, like cards and things). I know, sounds weird, but I've wanted something like that for awhile so I could have better indoor lighting!

So, that was that. Kind of a slow, lazy birthDAY. And It was nice.

Later today, it's my family's thanksgiving, so we can all go to the in-laws for the actual day.


Charles Gramlich November 20, 2011 at 10:16 AM  

You are forgiven for not blogging on your birthday. I'm glad you had a good time.

Erika November 21, 2011 at 8:39 AM  

We were devastated when MasterGrill left Firewheel! I'm glad to find out where it went. Love their pineapple (and everything else). Glad you had such a good birthday!

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