Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Brian and I

Last Saturday, Brian and I went to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. We were going to be meeting friends there later, but I wanted to go earlier, to take advantage of the better light.

We spent most of our time at the Japanese Garden, which is inside the Botanic Garden. (While the rest of the garden is free, you do have to pay to get into the Japanese Garden.)

I have never been to this garden before. It's HUGE! We were there for about 4 hours and only managed to see about 1/3 of the place. So, one day I definitely want to go back and catch the rest of it. However, I think I will bring better walking shoes. I was wearing some good flip flops (Skechers that actually have support, or so I thought), and while my feet didn't hurt, the next day and for several days my calves were killing me! So, word to the wise -- wear better walking shoes, even if the cute ones don't hurt your feet.

I did see some crazy woman in high heeled shoes and wearing something overly trendy. Okay, yes, I get it, you're a pretty woman that likes to look good. Uhm, but when your boyfriend is looking kinda grungy, and you're at a garden where most everyone else is wearing comfortable clothes and shoes, you kinda look out of place. However, I did also see several brides and some teens on their way to the prom, having their pictures taken. I get that. I try to make sure that Brian and I usually are appropriately complemented in our style of clothes. (And he's finally starting to pick up on this. The other day, from work he told me that he wanted to take me out to dinner, but to wear something nice. While we didn't end up going anywhere really nice, he was wearing nice clothes straight from work and didn't change, so he didn't want me in jeans and a tee, and him in a button down shirt and nice slacks. Aww, cute. ^_^)

It was a lovely day, although a tad too sunny in spots, so some of my photos got overexposed, but that's why I'm thankful for Lightroom, that can correct a slew of photography mistakes!

Here are a few of my favorites, and you can click on the name of the garden to see the whole set in Flickr (some of which you might see in my 365 roundup later):

114/365: Japanese Garden Crane

114/365 (Extra): Bamboo Fountain

Pink Flower

White and Orange Koi with Black Spots

Japanese Bridge

Floating Flower

Pagoda 2

Pagoda 11 (Birdhouse)

Statue of Girl with Butterfly

Orange Blossom

Outer Pink Petals on Rose



This weekend, Brian and I are going to be taking a mini vacation to a town about 2 hours away, where there are some more gardens that I've been wanting to visit. However, there's a possibility of rain. Clouds I can deal with, but not rain. Either way, it will be nice to get away for a little bit.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project 365 Roundup: Week 16

April 16 - April 22

106/365: Craft Haul 107/365: Brian and Dixie 108/365: Green Craft Bag 109/365: Kitty Treat Holder

110/365: Heavenly Chicken Tortilla Soup 111/365: Twirly Rose 112/365: Hubby's Got the Touch

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to Blogging

One of the reasons I created this new blog, over a year ago, was to let go of the old and to get rid of some blogger stalkers who apparently had nothing better to do than post nasty, anonymous comments and make commentaries on my life. I actually didn't let a lot of people know I had gotten a new blog, because I had a pretty good idea of who these people were and I didn't want them following me (and really, how sad and pathetic were they, anyway?!).

But, in that process, I think I became a little hesitant in posting about my life and the things going on, and instead just let this blog become superficial, and lately, become mostly about my scrapbooking and photography projects. But, I have been missing the little bit of therapy that writing on a blog provides. And also, because it used to be my way of journaling and documenting my life, and I don't do that enough in my own personal journal.

So, I have decided I am back to blogging! I mean, everyone else gets to whine and complain, er, I mean, write about whatever they want on their blog, so I want to get back to that as well. I hope that I don't get any nasties coming out of the woodwork, but, well, there you have it.

I will still post photo and scrapbook projects, but I will also try and add some substance.

I already have some things planned. I want to talk about friendships (as they've been on my mind a lot), and simplifying one's life. And, I really, really want to continue my Stargate fanfic, because I need to finish it. I have too many unfinished writings. My problem with the fanfic, is ... I'm a little stuck. I have quite a bit more written than I have posted, but I am stuck where I currently am. I don't know how to get where I want next, and think that I may have to do some rewriting of what I currently have (but haven't posted) to get there. SO, that's one of the many reasons I've fallen behind on that. (Maybe I need a Beta read that isn't Brian. ^_^)

So, bloggie friends, there you have it. I can't promise my regularity of posting, but I can promise more substance in the future (and maybe I can get a few more comments out of it too, as I do like hearing from you!).

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Project 365 Roundup: Weeks 13, 14 & 15

(So sorry I'm a little behind in posting these -- I've been a little busy with the design team stuff. I'll try not to get SO behind in the future.)

March 26 - April 1

85/365: Outdoor Furniture Reading 86/365: Craft Area Begins 87/365: Tiny Pink Rose 88/365: HELLO Card (Tall Bird)

89/365: Secluded Park 90/365: Purple Shuffle 91/365: I'm a Mint Chick!


87/365 (Extra): Modern Yellow House

April 2 - April 8

92/365: All Aboard! 93/365: Working on a Card 94/365: Easter Stash 95/365: Library Haul

96/365: Fresh Pineapple 97/365: Amaryllis in Bloom 98/365: a la Stanley Tucci

April 9 - April 15

99/365: Kennye 100/365: Princess Bounce 101/365: Memo Pad 102/365: What's In My Bag?

103/365: Glee 104/365: Healthy Food105/365: Community Dinner

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