Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June in Review

So, here's how June went down .... (Hah, sounds ominous, but it's not. Oh, I guess I ruined it for you, huh? ^_-)

Some months back a Trader Joe's opened up near us. We were told it was crazy busy when it first opened. So, we waited to see what all the fuss was about. And, the first week in June, we went. It was pretty neat, and had some cool stuff, but ... it's kind of small.

P52 Week 23: Trader Joe's


Second week in June I finally broke down and upgraded my phone, and with Brian going to school this fall, we thought it would a good idea for him to have one, too. SO, we got His (black) and Hers (white)  iPhones. We had gift cards and gift money to use, plus their trade-in program, we paid less than half what one would have cost, for both of them. (It would have been nothing out of pocket, but one of our gift cards wasn't working. Boo.) They're so pretty!

P52 Week 24: His&Hers iPhones


Halfway through the month I went to one of my favorite stores for costume jewelry -- Charming Charlie! SO much cute stuff! I love that they have color-coded sections, so if you want a certain color item, you just go to that section and don't have to wade through unwanted colors. Sadly, the black/white bracelet broke, so I returned it (they didn't have any others there). The others are necklaces.

P52 Week 25: Sparklies


And last, but certainly not least, it was mine and Brian's 7th Wedding Anniversary on June 23. Seven! Brian was a dear and sent flower to my office the next day. I have never seen flowers like this. I especially like the "male dog's" top hat. So cute!

P52 Week 26: Puppy Flowers

So, that was June! Of course, we did a few other fun things, like a family get-together, lunch with my parents, lovely dinners out for our anniversary, etc.

And, now that summer is upon us, do you have any fun plans? We're planning a trip to Kansas City, MO in late July, but that'll probably be it for us. Want to go to the beach again, but ... that'll probably have to wait.

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