Friday, August 27, 2010

Project 365 Roundup: Weeks 29, 30, 31 & 32

July 16 - July 22
197/365: Lit Bugs 198/365: Frame Detail 199/365: Decorator Lamps 200/365: Noddles with Peanut Sauce
201/365: Fallen Blossoms 202/365: Understanding Exposure 203/365: Thickers and Rhinestones

July 23 - July 29
204/365: Ironing is a Chore 205/365: Wheat-free Brownies 206/365: Coco Chaired 207/365: Deviled Eggs
208/365: Strawberry Frozen Goodness 209/365: Moldy Vent 210/365: Scratching Lounger

July 30 - August 5
211/365: Spools o' Ribbon 212/365: Another Baby Shower 213/365: Sunday Paper 214/365: Pride & Prejudice Wordle
215/365: Ice Cream Artist 216/365: Fresh Strawberries 217/365: Water Park Fun

August 6 - August 12
218/365: Tokyo One 219/365: At the Pool 220/365: Strawberry Cake 221/365: Fantasy Book Club
222/365: At the Bone Cracker 223/365: To the Vet 224/365: Mr. Shaved-Paw

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I Could Be ...

I found this while doing a random search of things, and thought it was neat and wanted to do something different than just post pictures (even though I'm behind on that here). It's from the blog a pair of pears. (Might be fun to do once a year, just to see how I've changed ....) ^_^

If I could be a month, I’d be ... October.

If I could be a day of the week, I'd be ... Friday.

If I could be a time of day, I’d be ... 11 pm.

If I could be a sea animal, I’d be ... a dolphin.

If I could be a direction, I’d be ... South.

If I could be a piece of furniture, I'd be ... that comfy couch that you can sink into and lasts for years.

If I could be a liquid, I’d be ... perfume.

If I could be a gemstone, I’d be ... an amethyst.

If I could be a tree, I’d be ... a cherry blossom tree.

If I could be a tool, I’d be ... craft scissors.

If I could be a flower, I’d be ... an amaryllis.

If I could be a kind of weather, I’d be ... a Texas thunderstorm.

If I could be a musical instrument, I’d be ... a piano.

If I could be a color, I’d be ... royal purple.

If I could be an emotion, I’d be ... bubbly.

If I could be a fruit, I’d be ... a mango.

If I could be a sound, I’d be ... a cicada's song on a summer evening.

If I could be an element, I’d be ... water.

If I could be a car, I would be ... a convertible VW Bug.

If I could be a food, I'd be ... decadent chocolate cake.

If I could be a place, I’d be ... a sandy, tropical beach.

If I could be a material, I’d be .... a patterned, soft chenille.

If I could be a taste, I’d taste like ... a strawberry banana daiquiri.

If I could be a scent, I’d be ... the scent of fresh cut grass after a cool summer rain.

If I could be an object, I'd be ... an often-read love letter.

If I could be a body part, I’d be ... a pair of eyes (for are they not the windows to the soul?).

If I could be a facial expression, I’d be ... goofy.

If I could be a song, I’d be ... "Singing to Heaven" by Alcazar.

If I could be a pair of shoes, I would be ... a favorite pair of flip-flops.

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