Tuesday, November 1, 2011

As I Was Saying...

Back in March, I mentioned how we had many changes coming our way.

Not only was I starting a new job, which I briefly commented on later, but I also had talked about how we were looking for/found a new place to live.

So, fast forward over 6 months, and with the brief interlude of Dralion as your only glimpse into my life, over the next 30 days I shall strive to catch you up, amuse and entertain you*, and ramble away.

My job has been going extremely well. So well, in fact, that for the few of you that don't know (which, btw, I'm impressed I got 5 comments on my last post, as here I was thinking that only 2 of you were still reading), I was actually offered a full-time position, AND my first official day was this past Monday (yep, Halloween).

So, I am now officially a Copy Editor for Neiman Marcus, working for their Last Call division. They're a great company to work for. My bosses and coworkers are really nice. Other people are friendly. And, I really just fit in from day one. This is probably the best place I've worked. Seriously. And, they paid me exactly what I asked for, which makes me wonder if I should have asked for more, or they totally think I'm worth it. *LOL* (And, no, sorry, I can't share the discount. Apparently it's a big no-no.)

I had also mentioned that Brian is now a Senior trainer at his job, and he's doing really well with that as well!

And, of course, we moved into our really nice apartment, that I'm still trying to finish getting decorated! (I'll post more about that at a later date.)

Lately, it's really been mostly work, chores, errands, work. But, that's okay. We're getting (somewhat) close to having our emergency fund in place, and then it's time to pay off some student loan stuff (Brian, not me), and then build a down payment for a house.

We are very blessed to have good, stable jobs that we enjoy and where our superiors know our value. I'd almost forgotten what that felt like.

So, does that mean I'll give up the freelance thing. No, but I just need to figure how to make it work with the job I have now.

And, again, there are some changes on the horizon -- some planned (of course, you HAVE to expect the unexpected), which I will be talking about on here. Some involve moving priorities around, others involve letting things go, and some involve getting back to things I've LET go and really miss.

And so, in that vein, I shall leave you with a teaser of something I want to get back to: it shall happen this Friday. Mwahaha! ^_-

Oh, and I have 30 days of blogging to do here, and goodness knows I might run out of topics before then, so if you have a question for me, or are dying to know something, or want my thoughts on something, then let me know, and I may use it as the jumping off point for a blog post. Because goodness knows I am NEVER lacking in my opinion of things. ^_^

And THAT's my first NaBloPoMo 2011 post -- how'd you like that?!

*I am in no way responsible for your level of amusement or entertainment. ^_^


Claudia November 1, 2011 at 10:31 PM  

And I almost thought you'd be moving back to us...glad to have you blogging again!
And yeah, I expect to be amused and entertained!

Charles Gramlich November 2, 2011 at 8:42 AM  

I'm glad about the job. Sounds excellent. Congrats!

Anonymous November 2, 2011 at 12:10 PM  

I'm such a Neimans Marcus fan girl so I'm really happy to hear it's a great company to work for! Congratulations on all the success!! :)

Christine Rains November 3, 2011 at 7:23 AM  

That's such wonderful news. ^_^ I'm happy you're back blogging too. Oh! And thank you for the Halloween card. That was so sweet.

Erika November 4, 2011 at 8:53 AM  

I like the disclaimer. :D

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