Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You: NaBloPoMo

Just a quick little announcement for the 2 of you that still read my blog (heh), I will once again be doing NaBloPoMo this year! That's right! 30 days of blogging in November. I will tell you all about the awesome things going on in my life, musings, and other things. You know, maybe how my blog USED to be, back in the day, before trolls sent me packing to this little blogger blog (oh, how I miss nonchalant.nu -- but not the price). There are some people I know that actually have their blog updates hooked up to their FB feeds. I am a little too open/rambly at times to do such a thing. Plus, it'll let the trolls know where I am.

So, stay tuned. One week away!! ^_^

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