Friday, September 25, 2009

How the InterWebs Snared My Time, and Led Me to the Funniest Music Video!

Oh, we all know the Internet is a big time waster, overall. I mean, SURE, we can find a recipe--with the click of a mouse--just using the ingredients we have in our pantry, because we don't want to go shopping, or we can find out a celebrity has died as soon as it has happened; oh, and dare we forget the countless blogs one needs to read?

But last night I truly saw how easy it is to really get distracted, and waste time online.

(This would do William Faulkner proud.)

During dinner, Brian and I were discussing the purchase I had made on earlier, and then, how showed me some "recommendations," one of which included the latest book in the Wheel of Time series. I clicked on the link and it showed me that it's coming out at the end of October (yay!), and I wondered if we should pre-order it. Well, he then asked me "Oh, hey, what about the sequel to the Name of the Wind." Oh, yes! I had forgotten about it. I could check on it after dinner. But then, I glanced over to the buffet, to the stack of mail, and noticed there was a bill in there that I needed to pay (yes, thank you, I DO know about online banking, but for some reason, I CANNOT get this account to coincide with billpay, but I digress), so I decided, I would get the bill, take it to my desk to write out a check, and hey, while I'm there, I can just do a quick check on Amazon for that book. So I did, but there's no sequel, although, oddly enough, the title and due date for a third book is already posted. So, I decide to do a little searching via Google, and somehow found a mention of someone saying that on Patrick Rothfuss' site (the author of The Name of the Wind), he mentions what's up with the sequel. So, I go to Rothfuss' site, and start scrolling down, to see what I can find. All I'm getting really is no, there's no update. Until I stop on one of his entries, where he has a youtube video embedded. And it makes me tilt my head. I read over the post a little more ... and then clicked on the video.

OH MY GOSH! Talk about hilarious! I was cackling so much, that Brian finally came over and asked me what I was laughing at, and then I played it again for him. Hehehe ... he found it funny as well. Then he's about to go get us some dessert, when I glance down and realize ... I still have to write out a check for the bill! So, I played another video for him I wanted him to see, while I wrote a check, and all that good stuff.

Then, I did a search for that which was related to this funny video, and realized there's a whole webseries about it! So Brian sat and watched a few episodes of the series called "The Guild." Basically, it's a series about gamers (like those who play WoW), and their online and offline adventures. Anyway, to kick of their new season (3), they had a professional music video done. And that's what I find so hilarious.

And it all began, with a simple conversation about a book, and needing to pay a bill. And that only took away like an hour of my time!!

But because I'm sure you're dyin' to see the video, here it is:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life is Getting in the Way of Blogging

So it's been awhile since I posted, and it's mostly because LIFE (no, not the game) has gotten in the way. It's been quite a few things over the last few weeks (or more, since it's been sporadic over the last month). So, in no particular order, those things getting in the way of blogging:

* As I mentioned before, I no longer am on the activities committee at church, nor a ward missionary, nor a Primary teacher. NOW, I am just the Primary Secretary. (FYI, the Primary is the children's Sunday School organization at my church.) They hadn't had a secretary for awhile, because the last one moved away, and when I got her old binder, it was ... lacking. I've been busy getting rolls together, rosters, lists of this and that, while trying to organize the binder and get all those things needed to run things smoothly and successfully. (It also hasn't helped that we're down one person in the presidency, which usually has a president, two counselors and a secretary. I'm currently playing the role of second counselor and secretary. There have been Sundays when I really was running around the entire 2 hours, whether arranging chairs, getting copies done, teaching, etc. It's taken up a lot of free time. Hopefully we'll get another person soon.)

* Our USB hard drive decided to stop working several weeks ago. Why is this important? Because ALL of my digital scrapbooking supplies are on there, including all of my recently-completed projects and layouts. Which means that's why you haven't seen anything on here for awhile (for some reason, it stopped right after the last LO I posted -- weird). I freaked out. Really. Especially since only a few months prior I had moved all of those files to it so my 'puter would have more space. Sigh. We looked into different things, but ... thankfully, Brian has a co-worker who works on computers and stuff as a hobby, and he was able to get it working! Yay! (Apparently there was a corrupt index file. *Shrug*) I think from now on I'm going to do an online-backup type thing.

* My fancy, schmancy, wide-format printer is yet again giving me problems. I know why it happens. Because I use off-brand ink. Gee, Epson, I just can't see spending $20 a cartridge when I need 6 of them. *grumbles* So, yes, nozzles and heads get clogged, causing much frustration. I am considering going to a CIS (continuous ink system), but the startup for that can be pricey, and what if my printer still is having issues. *BIG SIGHS* So, I haven't been printing many projects, and the like. I have been thinking of maybe selling this one and then getting a good photo/color printer, and then a black-only printer. Don't know. It's frustrating. BUT, when this printer does its job, it's SO beautiful!!

* I was sick a few weeks ago, with a small relapse last week (though still some snot, and the likes -- hahah, TMI, I know). It just puts me behind!

* Brian and I went out of town for a long weekend this past weekend to visit his dad and stepmom. His dad took a job with a government contractor who's sending him to Afghanistan for a year. He's mostly just going to be on a military base, with no trips out, except for a few weeks of vacation, so it shouldn't really be dangerous. It was nice to have a relaxed visit.

* I've been doing up a few plans to ramp up my proofreading business. I've been trying to do this since the beginning of the year, and it hasn't worked too well so far. I get that most people aren't hiring, but a nice email or phone call to confirm that would be better than being ignored. My new plan, for now, involves trying to get signed up with some online places who have their own pools. Maybe I'll get a little more work that way. However, we're still okay financially, so I'm going to keep trying until we're really at the point that I can't try anymore. (If you know of anyone needing ANYTHING proofed, please send them my way!)

So, there ya go. Those are mostly the big things, and I still have MANY projects I need to get done, but hopefully I can get my Primary stuff taken care of, work on my work stuff, and then find time to finish some other projects. (BTW, I found a little table at CCA (sorta like Goodwill/Salvation Army) to put between my wing chairs. It's not really the style or color I wanted, but for $10 it works for now. I may refinish it one day, or, when I find what I really want, I can maybe give it to my mom, as it's more her style. And then I fount a cute, cute lamp at Garden Ridge.) And then maybe I can get my digi stuffs back and work on that -- as well as get my printer working. Here's hoping!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Desperately Seeking a Side Table

If you remember my mentioning the new-to-me chairs I got (that the cats like to rule from, erm, sit on), well I now have a new problem: I need a small table to go between them (to hold a small lamp and someone's drink if they sit there and have a drink, etc., or in case the cats decide that the chair's not good enough at the moment). Problem is, I have a very specific need ... and a desired want. It can't really be less than 22 inches, or taller than 26, and about 12-15 inches wide. I know. It's a tight space. What I'd love to have ... is a classic pedestal table, like this one:

(This one I found online at

Problem is ... I don't want to pay much for it. I'm frugal ... and poor, but I need a table. (The one at Target is $80.) I've been searching some thrift shops, but not quite found what I want. I tried some antique shops, and while a few things caught my eye, they're still more than I want to spend. It doesn't have to be black, that's easily changed. I just want a cute, wood, side table with some country, classic lines. Is that too much to ask?! (Frankly, I wouldn't want to pay more than $30. Maybe if I don't find something at thrift stores, it might go on clearance at Target some day. And Craigslist has NOT been helpful. Le sigh.)

SO, any of my friends, if you wanted to buy me something, then ....? Hehehe... kidding. But if anyone close to me comes across something similar for cheap, let me know. Seriously!

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