Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 9 - A Picture of My Friends

Well, this is a toughie. To begin with, I don't have a lot of really good friends -- the kind that you're always around and take silly pictures and tell everyone to gather around and snap a pic of the group and you remember the good times.

I have pictures of me with friends through the years, but not ONE picture with all of them.

I do have a lot in storage somewhere (hard copies), of the many friends I've had over the years, but one that came to mind was this one, that a friend posted on FB. This just came to my mind quickly, and it has more than just ME and one other person. (This by no means indicate a lack of current friends, just of pictures of them! *LOL*)

This is Emily, Christie, me and Laura, at Emily's parent's house in California. We were all mostly roommates (Christie wasn't, but she was at our house all the time) in Texas, and Em had us over for Spring Break that year (gosh, when was that? 2001?). We had SO much fun! This is one of our first nights there, I think. Maybe THE first night there. We were going to a dance, and it happened to be St. Patrick's Day, so we all stuck clovers in our hair. That was SUCH a fun week!


Em February 11, 2011 at 9:52 PM  

Yay! I'm on your blog! :)

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