Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11 - Favorite TV Shows

Well, way down on my sidebar I have a list of current favorite TV shows, and then a list of all-time favorite TV shows. However, it doesn't say WHY they're my favorite, so here goes.

All-Time Favorite:

Alias -- The first episode was huge and totally hooked me in. Hot spy girl wearing red wig that was actually just kind of a nerdy graduate student at heart? Hello! (Jennifer Garner was also my girl crush for awhile. ^_-)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- Angsty vampire slayer that falls in love with hot vampire? How could you not like it? I think there were some seasons that I didn't much care for, but that was okay. My favorite episode was the musical.

Stargate SG-1 -- Overall this series was cheesy and campy, but knew it, making fun of itself and many other scifi shows. I laugh so many times at the in-jokes and storylines with different alien cultures are pretty interesting. And, I heart, heart Daniel Jackson (played by Michael Shanks) -- nerdy guys can be HOT.

The X-Files -- I remember one night, being home alone and watching one of my first episodes of The X-Files, while eating dinner. It was the episode where a guy likes to go out with heavy girls because he sucks their fat out. I vowed then I would never watch the show while eating again. *LOL* A truly unique show with interesting characters, but a kinda screwy overall plot. That's okay. It was a fun ride!

Current Favorite:
What classifies as a current favorite? I watch many shows, but if I set a DVR for it, and get upset if something cuts it off, then it's a fave.

America's Next Top Model -- My guilty pleasure. I really only like it because of the cool fashion, shoots, costumes and makeup they do. Really!

Ghost Hunters -- Lately it has been boring me because they haven't found anything really interesting, but when they do, wow, it makes one wonder what is going on!

Glee -- Makes me want to go back to high school just so I could be in a Glee Club (okay, maybe not high school, but I heard a local university has one, and would consider going back to school for that -- really!). Sometimes I think the storylines are a little out there, but, hey, when they break out into costume and song, I love it!

The Amazing Race -- I would love one day to be able to do this, but Brian and I are in no physical shape to be able to do it! *LOL* It's true. That, and neither of us can drive a stick shift. I love the people doing this amazing thing together, although I do wonder at some of the couples on the show (especially the ones dating) -- they can be nasty to each other one minute, and then the next be all lovey. Whatever. Doesn't work that way.

The Big Bang Theory -- Shows that nerds are cool AND funny. This show really makes me laugh. And the characters are so funny.

The Suze Orman Show -- Probably something you didn't think would make this list, but truthfully, I love her financial advice, and how she doesn't sugarcoat things. My favorite advice from her recently is how she's telling people to re-evaluate their American Dream. Most people think that owning a home is IT, but look at the mess we got into with people buying homes they couldn't afford. She says that the American Dream should now be to live in a place you can afford and it isn't a financial burden -- whether it's a rental or a house, it has to be something you can afford. (She says, if you don't have a 6- to 8-month emergency fund IN addition to 20% down, then either forget it, or keep saving.) It has made me feel better about the fact that several years ago we lost out on a home (we had 20% down, but no other savings), and how it may be awhile before we do own. But, it's okay. I'd rather be somewhere I know I can afford, than worry about how to pay for something because it's about to break.

So, there you have it. What do you think? What about your favorite shows?


Manda February 11, 2011 at 11:47 AM  

Dern, I forgot to put Alias on my list!

Christine February 11, 2011 at 3:57 PM  

I have totally become a Gleek! *LOL* I'm frustrated that Quinn and Finn might get back together. I like Quinn with Sam and Finn with Rachel.

Gabby February 11, 2011 at 6:09 PM  

Christine: Yeah, I don't want them together again either. But then, I always thought that Finn was a little too passive for Rachel. She needs someone who can really handle her. (That's why I kinda liked Jesse.)

However, I loving the Puck/Lauren thing!

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