Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 5 - My Siblings

Noel, my dad, Danny, me and Brian, Michael, my mom, and Nydia

This is all of my family on my wedding day. I posted yesterday about my parents, and today I talk about my siblings.

I know I used a wedding photo yesterday, but there's a reason for this one: this is the last picture I have of all of my immediate family together (will explain why shortly).

Nydia: Is the oldest at 45 (or 46, can't remember). She has mental disabilities and still lives with my parents -- and probably always will. Upon meeting her, you would probably not think she was this way, but she is. When I lived at home, I did NOT get along with her. It's still tough at times, but since I'm older, I try to be a little more sympathetic with her mood swings and odd thoughts. She loves me dearly (as I'm her only sister).

Noel: Is the oldest boy at 44 (or so). He's the father of my niece, Amanda, who just got married. He's definitely the older brother, always trying to give sage advice. He's also extremely funny. My mother tells me that when I was a baby, he was the only one that could get me to go to sleep, so she would hand me off to him. Sweet, eh? I adore his kids! And his wife's pretty nice, too. ^_^

Michael: Ah, my older brother by 4 years. Remember when I mentioned that this is the last picture of all of us together? That's because, about 4 years ago, Michael decided to estrange himself from us. We all wish we knew what happened. There was no family fight or drama. No one said or did anything directly (whether he took something we said wrong, that's a whole other issues and we can't control that). He is the self proclaimed black sheep of the family. He's also a genius (yes, his IQ proves that). Out of all my siblings, he and I used to get into the biggest fights. Not just shouting matches, but physical fights, as well. It didn't help that he is a black belt in karate. Yeah. However, as we got older, he introduced me to the fantasy genre, and would talk a lot about our favorite books. (And, even in college, when he would come home, he would never be above taking his little sis to the mall or to a movie.) Some people think he's into alcohol and/or drugs. I couldn't tell you. We miss him. We try to stay in touch. But, it's very one-sided.

Danny: My little brother and the baby of the family. Growing up, Danny was my partner in crime (and sometimes we were partners with Michael in his hare-brained shenanigans!), and since we're just 2 years apart, we were pretty close for a long time. Danny had a hard time speaking when he was little, so I was his translator. He would babble to my mom and she would ask ME what he said and I would tell her. Such a funny story! He and I were at many of the same schools at the same time and he had many of my teachers -- hah! Of course, now we're grown up and he is married and has a family, but every once in awhile, we can still talk about video games or some Sci-Fi show we both watch.

So, those are my brothers and sister!


Charles Gramlich February 6, 2011 at 12:39 AM  

That's got to be upsetting about your brother Michael. I'm sorry to hear of it. I hope that distance will break down soon.

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