Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 14 - A Picture I Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I love that this post which was from a list that was randomly created (not by me), has SOMETHING to do with love.

This is a picture I love:

This is Brian and his Great-Grandma Osborne. Yes, it's another picture from our wedding day, but there were just so many great pictures from it! ^_^  It's just an amazing picture of both of them, and even though his great-grandma was out of it a lot, she was still a sweet lady and understood that she was at a wedding -- even if she didn't remember it was for family. I also love the blue of her dress.

One of the other reasons I love this picture is because it was one of the last ones taken with Brian and his great-grandma. She passed away in 2009.


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