Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6 - A Picture of Something That Makes Me Happy

My "kids" make me happy!

Yanni and Yuki Cute Cuddle

Yuki and Yanni Cuddle

Yuki and Yanni Snuggle

I actually took these Saturday morning. It is VERY rare for them to be even this close together anymore (Yanni -- on the right -- is a bully and Yuki steers clear of him for the most part). But they were all snuggled on our bed, trying to keep warm, and I couldn't resist getting these. I had to, you would almost have to say. ^_^

They bring so much joy to our lives. Last week, we had a scare with Yanni. He got really sick. What really scared me is that this funny cat with so much personality had seemed to lose it all. He wasn't the cat I knew. However, he is on the mend and is back to his crazy ways. It warms my heart. ^_^ And Yuki, on the left, is such a sweet, sweet kitty. I wish Yanni wouldn't bully her!


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