Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 13 - Goals

There are a few goals I am working on, and one sort of ties into another one.

First, something which I began last year and will continue into this year, is that I want to be more organized AND have been organized. This past weekend we reorganized our master bedroom closet, as it had gotten out of hand. Put a lot of clothes and shoes into a donate pile, weeded out things that had crept into the space (haircare, beauty products, etc. that have somewhere else to be). Several weeks ago, we tackled the entryway closet, making sure the cat toys were organized, as well as coats and sweaters. I even got out an unused over-the-door shoe organizer and used that to put scarves and gloves, etc. (I had not used that one for shoes.)

Overall, we're doing pretty good in this area. The biggest project to tackle will be our office closet (used to be a guest bedroom). It's a scary place. It's not that it's that messy. I mean, I can get in, it's just that it has such a hodge podge of items that really need to be sorted through and rearranged (like the "costume" part of the closet. Most of those costumes I will not be wearing again.)

However, what I like is that things have a place. If I use it, I know where it belongs. I still have a few of the "I don't know where to put this, so I'll just put it here" but that's okay. Rome wasn't built in a day. ^_-

Second, is being more aware of our finances, as to where our money's going and how to better partition it into several different accounts. (I think I have mentioned this briefly.) I decided that while my family is fairly frugal at Christmas with gifts, Brian's family tends to be a little more into the actual gift giving, and I do feel bad when we usually don't have much money to spend. So, I thought that it would be nice to have a Christmas Fund, where a little money gets put into it every month until Christmas. It's not much, but that way we can have that money to use for gifts and for extra holiday things (like baking and food) without deviating from our standard monthly budget. I know a lot of people do this, and it really IS a good idea.

And third, for now, which is tied to the second, is that I am saving for my Masquerade Ball. As with the Christmas Fund, a little is getting put aside each month. For now, it will be a small amount, as I have about 5 years to reach my goal. But, I am finally doing something about it, instead of just constantly talking about it, and that makes me smile!

How about you? Do YOU have any interesting goals?


Christie February 13, 2011 at 5:51 PM  

Hi Gabby, what I love most about your goals is that they are reasonable and totally achievable. I can't wait to read all about your Masquerade Ball preparations!

One goal I'm working towards right now is opening a little online shop. It's still mostly a work in progress, every day I'm one step closer!

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