Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 16 - Dream House

Many years ago, I was looking through a magazine of house plans and architecture (I honestly can't remember why, though I remember where I was), and I came across my dream house -- well, almost my dream house. It needed a few tweaks to make it perfect.

Sadly, I didn't keep the page or make a scan, or anything! Argh!

What I loved about this house plan is that it had a music room. Yes, a room completely devoted to music. I envisioned that my friends who play instruments (I have many) would be coaxed into giving small, intimate concerts in my home.

But, let me describe what it looks like (I briefly considered drawing it, but decided it wouldn't even come close to doing it justice).

A two-story house, that, of course, would have to sit on some land (I'm not picky, I'd be happy with an acre or two), and it would have lovely landscaping, and a circular driveway (a must!) in front. It has a double-entry front door -- seems classy and elegant to me, and, of course, easier to fit furniture in (how else will the grand piano get into my music room??? ^_-). To the left of the entry is a wrap-around porch that will have the ability to pull down screening at need (you'll see why in a moment). Immediately visible on the right side of the home, will be a (modernized and stylized) turret (more on that later).

As you enter a grand foyer (with a gallery of sorts running on each wall), with a large, lovely staircase, to the left you will see ... the music room, of course! Instead of windows, this room has several French doors that open onto the wrap-around porch. Imagine sitting out there on the (now-screened-in porch), on a cooling summer evening, enjoying the chamber music that I have gathered in my home. Lovely, isn't it? Mmmm.... (I used to want the music room floor to be an alternating black and white tile, but ... I may rethink that one day. ^_-)

To the right of the foyer is the formal living (or sitting) room. Beyond that, there are French doors that lead into the ... (wait, wait, can you guess???) two-story study/library which is in the turret (ah-hah!). BTW, this library is also accessible from the second floor (oh, and from a hallway on the first floor). Swoon!

I think, if I remember correctly, that hallway also leads to the Master Bedroom on the other side of the turret.  I think. (One flaw you will see with my telling of this lovely house, is I haven't paid much attention to the bedrooms. ^_^)

In the back of the house on the first floor (to the left), is a lovely, large kitchen, with a large space for dining (sort of in the middle). I kind of prefer large dining areas near kitchens, because people tend to congregate in the kitchen anyway (I maybe could change my mind on this, but ....). Imagine a huge farmhouse table, with squishy dining chairs around it? Love! And then, on the right, a large family room. (Oh, and I guess there needs to be a mud/laundry room around there too! ^_^)

Now, I have to mention that in this plan, the garage is somewhat detached, but to the left of the house. It is connected to the main house by a second story hallway. Because, you see, on top of the garage is the media room (see the genius in this? You can crank up a movie's volume and not bother the house). The hallway from the media room (lined by windows, BTW) leads to the house's large game room upstairs.

Then, there are sundry bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. (Again, I could move the Master up, who knows.)

In the back yard of the house would be a pool (duh!), and, maybe some sort of multi-purpose court of some kind (not really my thing, but it's a maybe). Oh, and definitely some sort of gazebo, and a garden, and large trees.

Now, I will have you know, that these plans did mention how much this house would cost to build (based on an average). Without land, without tweaks, without the lovely garden and decor and furniture, this house, many, many years ago, would have cost $425,000 to build.

Uh, yeah.

Now do you see why it's my dream house?


Erika February 16, 2011 at 8:47 PM  

Let me know when you're up for visitors-this sounds fabulous! I'd happily play chopsticks on your piano if that gets me an inviataion. ;)

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