Thursday, November 11, 2010

Strange Dreams

Some of you may or may not know this, but I dream a LOT. And they're quite odd. And I remember them, most of the time. And they're not mundane everyday kind of dreams. I've had dreams where I was in a medieval-like fantasy world, trying to break into catacombs that contained ... something that my group needed. I've dreamt about the turn of the century and boarding a doomed ship. I've had a dream where I lived in a supposed Utopian society where any kind of artistic endeavor wasn't tolerated -- like music. And how I alone, using my musical ability helped begin a revolution. Oh, and I've even dreamt of sliding along the stars in space, in some unknown galaxy (which was normal, and all in the dream).

Yeah, and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Seriously, I could devote a blog just to the dreams I have. I will say that sometimes I will wake up and remember the dream, but then ... it will fade quickly. Sometimes I won't remember when waking up, and later bits and pieces come to me. I have woken up crying because I was crying in a dream, or because I was so overwhelmed by what was happening in a dream. And other times, I can remember so much about a dream, that I usually write down as much as I can remember, to possibly use as the plot of a short story (I actually have a document that holds all these snippets).

While I do say I have had a few bad dreams (I would categorize the ones that I wake up crying, mostly, as bad dreams), but I will say if I HAVE had an actual nightmare, I don't remember. Thankfully, mine are just weird and not scary -- at least, not in my mind. (I usually remember some sort of dream. Even if I can't remember, I know I've dreamed. The only time I can actually recall not recalling any dreams, was when I was writing my NaNoWriMo novel. I think all my creative energy was being channeled into writing. *LOL*)

Oh, and it used to be that celebrities would play the major parts in my dreams. Seriously! I would hardly dream of people I knew. Ben Affleck used to appear in my dreams quite often -- until he married Jennifer Garner. Then he stopped. *LOL* Thankfully (and not-so, depending on the dream *grin*), maybe because I'm getting older, but I don't have celebrities much in my dreams anymore.

So, the reason I am writing is because last night I had two.

The first, I was at some resort (hotel, with large swimming pool and slides near it), and I was trying to escape my husband for some reason. Now, it wasn't necessarily me, but a version of, perhaps. (And my husband in the dream was NOT Brian, but someone I knew from my past.) I kept tricking him and hiding, and they even got the police involved. Finally, they wrangled me back to the hotel room. (I maybe get the feeling that I wasn't mentally stable?) But, at the hotel room, this is where it gets weird. He and I get accosted by some weird entity, and ... I turn into water. Yep. I was able to turn into water. (What I can gather is that I felt in the dream that this creature was after me/us, so I was trying to get away, to make sure the people around me were safe.)

Anyway, with my fighting the entity, I told my husband somehow to light us on fire, which killed the entity, and while it didn't kill me right away (because I was water), it eventually sucked out all the moisture from me, and while I turned back to human, I ended up dying, but did tell him I loved him. (Because I think he didn't know that from me.)

So. Yeah.

The second dream I remember, was shorter, or at least it seemed that way. I was in a thrift store with some friends (some of them from my past and some from my present). We were rummaging through things. I remember vividly this Ghostbusters t-shirt I found -- I really liked it because it was artsy. *LOL* Yeah. Anyway, a friend that I'm with comes up and says she can't find what she's looking for -- a little black dress. She says nothing is fitting her. I try to help her and come across a few connecting rooms of trinkets, but the rooms are either poorly lit, or not lit at all. So I'm trying to turn on lamps, or flip switches and some lights are coming up, but others aren't and it's just weird. When all of a sudden a friend of mine comes up to me to show me what she's found -- a young woman, looking sad and bedraggled, in a Victorian era wedding dress. Oh, yes, and she turns out to be a ghost. (I get visions of Ghost Whisperer here!) So, we decide to take her with us, and she latches on to a handsome young man we have in our group (I don't think I know him really, he was just a random person). I remember trying to leave and the person at the front desk maybe giving us a hard time ... but then the dream ended, or I woke up. Anyway, don't know where THAT one was going.

Interesting, eh?

SO, any dream interpreters out there? Am I more weird or less weird? ^_^


Charles Gramlich November 11, 2010 at 9:40 AM  

Here's my take. I actually don't believe that most dreams have any deep symbolic meaning. They are usually related to something we are involved in at the time, or something recently that we've seen, read, or imagined. I also think that if there 'is' a deeper symbolic meaning to dreams, the only person who can really interpret them is the one who had them. Turning into water might mean something very different for me, for example, than for you.

I like these kinds of dreams though. THey are fun to run through your mind. BTW, I posted about dream phenomena myself, and about a frightening experience I had over at Novels Spaces. Check it out if you get the chance. the chance.

Erika November 11, 2010 at 4:51 PM  

Maybe the person at the thrift store was giving you a hard time because they didn't know what to charge you for a used ghost... I mean what department is that even in? Vintage housewares?

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