Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Blog Banner

If you haven't noticed already, I have a new blog banner!

I couldn't resist finding something Steampunk related. And she also has an Anime look, which is a bonus (for me, at least).

I would love to add some wings like this to my Steampunk outfit down the line, but maybe in black? How cool would that be?! I've seen them used in Cosplay (Costume Play) before, so I'm sure there are tutorials online. Thing is, I know that involves sheets of acrylic and a harness. Hmmm.... maybe I'll find another way.

Brian mentioned that he wants a Steampunk mad scientist outfit for next year, so we can actually have complementary costumes (which I TRY to do, but this year proved too much).

So, an update on my car: they can't find anything wrong with it. Besides the fact that it didn't start for them right away, after charging the battery some, they were able to get it to turn on every time. They told me just to drive it around this weekend and see how it goes. That's fine that they didn't find something wrong, but it not turning on means there is something wrong (or going wrong), and I REALLY don't want to have to be stranded somewhere again. (Luckily I was at home this time.)

So, that's that. But, of course, you know they're going to charge me for all the diagnostics they did. *sigh* I'll be going to pick him up shortly. I just hope he behaves.

UPDATE: They were nice enough to not charge me to diagnose anything, because, as they said, they couldn't diagnose anything while the car's running fine. So, for now, I'm not out any money!

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