Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Decorations are Up!

So, I don't usually put my decorations up the day after Thanksgiving, but ... knowing how crazy my December (and part of January) will be, I decided it was now, or never.

However, we are not putting up a tree. It's mostly because the cats have really damaged the one we have, and it looks pretty sad. That, and we don't have much room these days. The place it went in last year has a chair in that spot now. And no place else to put the chair.

So, what we mostly decorated was the mantel, and a few other little places here and there. What do you think?

(Sorry about the lighting -- this was taken indoors, without flash, using my phone camera.)

My favorite part is the stockings for the cats. I got them several years ago, and one says "It's All About Meow" and the other says "I've Been Purrfect." Also, very hard to tell, but on the upper left corner of their stockings, on the white cuff, there's a silver embroidered fish skeleton. They're so adorable! Seriously! ^_^

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Madeline December 1, 2010 at 10:13 PM  

I love your mantle! Purple is a wonderful color for the season!
madeline--fellow show tunes and 80s music lover

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