Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hal-le-lu-jah!

At our church (and many other LDS ones around the country), the first weekend of December is usually devoted to a creche or nativity exhibit, where members are asked to volunteer their nativity sets so that they can be shared with the community. Usually, as part of these, there is music performed while people peruse the exhibit.

I am in the choir this year, performing on Saturday evening, and one of the pieces we are singing is the "Hallelujah" Chorus from Handel's Messiah. Now you'd think that since I've been in church choirs since my late teens, that I might have, at one point, sung the this piece. However, that would be incorrect. It's true! I have never actually sung this piece. And some people in our choir were horrified (okay, not really) to learn of how some people, including me, had never sung it before. Well, what can I say? I'm learning it now, though.

And boy, is that puppy hard! Because, you think you know what it sounds like, but then again, each part is different than you think to contribute to the whole. And, the Soprano line is no different. There's even some tricky timing with one section of the hallelujahs.

But, thank goodness for the Internet. On YouTube I have pulled up the Soprano part only and been able to practice at home and not felt so inept at singing this. Now I feel a lot more confident.

Fun times!


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