Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For about the last 6 months, I've had the need to makes things more simple. In all aspects of my life. I feel that if I do that, I can get a sense of what direction my life needs to take (specifically in regards to a career).

So, little by little we've been de-cluttering and getting things organized so that I don't feel bogged down at home by the clutter and mess, and so that every thing I own has a place and purpose.

I've made some headway -- some of our stuff I've sold on Craigslist, the money which has gone into my computer fund -- but there are still things to get rid of. Small things, fabric, lots of Anime collectibles that I just need to purge and save the most precious, document the rest and sell them.

I think we, as Americans, are so blessed, overall. So many of us have so much, when many in other countries don't. And you'd think I'd know this better than many, since I not only was born in Costa Rica, but also lived in Honduras (a VERY poor country). But, yes, I was somewhat privileged.

But honestly, I probably wouldn't mind getting rid of most of my things, and living in some cute little beach bungalow, enjoying simpler pleasures. Oh, sure, I'd still want my computer, and probably my books, I mean, I don't want to live completely without some luxuries, but ... well, you know what I mean. ^_^

I just want to have a home that's comfortable, that isn't hiding giant messes in the closets, where I have things in bins or bags that I haven't touched for years, where I don't have any room to put them. What's the point of having them, if I can't put them anywhere?

So, I will continue to make a little headway and simplify my life, and earn a little money doing so. Hopefully, that will lead me to clarity into what I should do with my life.


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