Monday, January 23, 2012

A Night at the Opera

Okay, actually, it was an afternoon at the opera.

But, it was at the Metropolitan Opera. Okay, but not in New York. At a movie theater.

Did you know they did this? You can watch live broadcasts of the Met Opera.

Brian took me to one of our local movie theaters this weekend to watch The Enchanted Island, a newly commissioned Baroque pastiche (fun word, eh?).

Basically, it's in English, with storylines taken from some Shakespeare plays, with music taken from a variety of operas (Handel, Vivaldi, and some lesser-known composers).

It was a lot of fun, and exceptionally well done (well, it is the Met, eh?), and it featured Placido Domingo in the role of Neptune (my mom LOVES him).

We can still say that opera's not really our thing, but that's okay, we can still appreciate it. ^_^

Although, I do have to say, some of the music was a little catchy.

My favorite was used in this trailer for the opera:

It was a fun and different thing to do, although, I must say, I think we were the youngest in the theater by like 40 years. *LOL* (Okay, maybe not, as there was a younger gay couple next to us, but, close enough!)


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