Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Post of 2010

Happy New Year!

So, sure, a little late, but ... better late than never.

Quick recap of Christmas and the New Year:

Christmas Eve began with snow ... coming down. Last time it snowed in Texas for Christmas was ...80-some-odd years ago. We carefully made our way to my Mom's (she's only about 15-20 minutes away), and while it wasn't the best drive, it was okay. HOWEVER, coming back home was another matter. The roads were pretty bad, and not a sand truck in sight. I only skidded a little here and there, but after about 40 minutes we were home safe and sound. Christmas Eve at my parents was fun (and not so crazy as in the past). And, just to note, but the stuffed animal I gave my sister was a big hit. She loved it!

Christmas day, most of the snow had melted by the afternoon, and we made our way to Brian's family. We had a nice time there as well, but cut the evening short so we could be home before the bridges decided to be icy. We were fine.

Cut to New Year's Eve, and we decided to stay in. In the past we've done Murder Mystery Dinners, but they're a lot of work, and besides, Brian had to work, even though it didn't really interfere with celebrating the new year. (You know, I discovered upon thinking of what to do for that night, that not a single person invited us to their place, or to do something with them. Sad, huh?)

For New Year's Day I roasted half a leg of lamb. First time, and YUM-o! It was good! Hopefully one day soon we can catch it on sale again (because that's really how I can afford it).

AND, as for goals, or resolutions, or whatevers ... well, I heard recently that we shouldn't focus on the past, and move on to the future. But also remember today. Or something like that.

Last year wasn't our best year. My freelancing didn't really go anywhere. I had a few things here and there, but nothing to write home about. However, toward the end of the year I had two more interviews, one for an agency, and one for actual freelancing at a book publisher in a nearby town.

Also toward the end of the year, Brian decided to go back to school this Spring (2010) and began the process. Come to find out he not only had to re-apply, but he also owed the school a lot of money (because his last loan hadn't gone through the last semester he was there). AND, since it had been awhile, it had gone to collections. Ugh, mess! Anyway, there was a lot of back and forth between us, the collections agency, and the school ... and while we tried to get some sort of deal, apparently schools and money, well ... they want everything. (He had to pay it all for them to release his transcripts.)

So now we know why we didn't end up buying the house over a year ago -- because the money we WERE going to put down, well, part of it needs to go for Brian's schooling.

However, as of today, some good news: Brian's account with the school has been cleared, he is now free of that debt, and he can now return to school.

AND, second, I actually got a call, TODAY, from the publisher for me to do some freelance work! Yay!

I hope to continue working harder this year to make this come to fruition. Because, I'm afraid that I can probably only give myself about another 6 months with this (to really try and make it work) before our money situation will need some serious addressing (and also given the fact that if Brian can go back to school full time, and only work part time, maybe, then he could be done sooner, and that would be a relief). SO ... we'll see how things work out.

I know I usually don't write so many personal things in this new blog, given that when I did it in my old blog I would sometimes get some nasty "anonymous" comments, but I felt that it was something that needed posting, so you could know what was going on.

So, as I began this with a note about not focusing on the past, we are going to focus on the future: Brian is going to go back to school (only part time for now, so he can get used to it again), and I am going to continue this freelancing thing (for now).

While sometimes I do wonder why things happen as they do, or why my life isn't going in the direction I wish it would, or how come other people have the things I want ... I know that the Lord has a plan for me. Goodness but I wish it would move a little quicker, though! But, as much patience as I have learned so far, I suppose I have much yet to learn.

And so, while I don't have resolutions, per se, I do have some things I want to accomplish this year. First is that I told Brian that I will not buy anymore "craft" items until I finish the current craft I'm working on (unless, of course, it's something I need to finish said craft). I have several projects that need to be worked on! I know. Laugh if you want. Second, is that I'd like to be a better friend. (I have a lot of thought behind this, but I think it wouldn't make sense if I typed it all out.) I just want to try to put as much as I can into a friendship and hopefully receive the same in kind (because, really, isn't that what good friendships are about? Some give and take? or maybe that's where my flaw lies). Lastly, I recommit myself to trying to build this little freelance business, but also open myself to available opportunities to be led where the Lord wants me to be.

But, don't fret, my artsy-craftsy self shall not be abandoned. And, to tide you over until my next project, here is a handmade Christmas gift I made for my Mother-in-Law and stepFather-in-Law. My MIL really liked it.

Key Family Established Sign

Oh, and for those of you that didn't know, I am doing a Project 365 this year -- documenting my life with a picture a day for an entire year. I am uploading these each day to my Flickr page, and about once a week I will post thumbnails here.

Hope everyone's year is a great one!


Claudia January 6, 2010 at 9:28 PM  

Happy New Year! I loved this blog post. Thanks for the peak into your heart and home. I hope that everything goes well for you this year - and that you find the things that make you truly happy.

The Lord does have grass for each of us - even the ones like me, who are always looking at someone else's and thinking it's greener.

Christine January 7, 2010 at 7:41 AM  

Happy new year! ^_^ That picture project is neat. And I really like the gift you made. So regal!

Charles Gramlich January 7, 2010 at 10:11 AM  

mymmm, leg of lamb. I'm sorry, did you have other things to say? ;)

Allie January 18, 2010 at 9:27 PM  

I'm glad you shared! I know how you are feeling but in other areas. I would love to see more of you, although I know we moved kinda far away (ok its probably only 25-30 minutes ) I hate when those things happen we had all sorts of heck with my Brian's scholarships this last semester... NOT FUN! I am so glad you got it worked out and cleared though that has to feel wonderful! HUGS!

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