Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Gift Craft Projects

In my previous post, I showed step 1 on the way to making a gift for my sister. Since she doesn't get online, I feel safe to post and share with you.

Here's the completed, stuffed cat:

Stuffed Animal Cat

Since this was in homage to their cat that just passed away, I thought to try my hand at an altered frame, and put in an old picture of the now-deceased cat. And this is how THAT turned out:

Altered Frame - Blue Damask
(The "j" stands for Jabberwocky -- the cat's name.)

These have now been boxed, wrapped, bowed and tagged. Hah! Except for waiting for dry time on the frame, I think it's actually a pretty easy project (as long as you have the necessary tools, which includes the frame, paint, a light sandpaper, and scrapbook paper and elements).

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