Saturday, October 3, 2009

DigiScrap: State Fair of Texas (from the archive)

(Having some issues getting my digiscrap stuff back to my 'puter, I decided to post an old layout -- created a little over a year ago.)

State Fair

With it being October, and the slight chill of fall in the air, and Halloween approaching, I thought I would share an LO I did of me at the State Fair of Texas, back in '04 (wow, it's been that long?). The picture of me with the cat makeup is actually a funny story. My company had taken us to the Fair (and we were small, so there were only a few of us), and we came across these French gals that were with some troupe, that were doing makeup ... on kids. There were some cats, lions, tigers, butterflies, and other magically glitterful creations, and ... my coworkers dared me to get my face done. Uh, hello! Cool! So, there I am, standing in line, with kids and their parents. I was not the only adult to have it done, but probably one of the few. And, the gals were kind enough to work around my glasses (which, maybe spoiled the effect a little, but...). I LOVED the way it turned out, and when we met some of my other coworkers later (who hadn't been with us), they certainly had some laughs. But I think secretly the had to be jealous. This was definitely NOT an amateur makeup job. What I especially love about this LO is the tinted pic in the background of the ferris wheel. You know, I have technically never been on that one. Maybe one day (the lines are usually really long, and it's kinda expensive, though).


Charles Gramlich October 4, 2009 at 11:21 AM  

Definitely a good job with the face painting there. Wow.

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