Friday, September 25, 2009

How the InterWebs Snared My Time, and Led Me to the Funniest Music Video!

Oh, we all know the Internet is a big time waster, overall. I mean, SURE, we can find a recipe--with the click of a mouse--just using the ingredients we have in our pantry, because we don't want to go shopping, or we can find out a celebrity has died as soon as it has happened; oh, and dare we forget the countless blogs one needs to read?

But last night I truly saw how easy it is to really get distracted, and waste time online.

(This would do William Faulkner proud.)

During dinner, Brian and I were discussing the purchase I had made on earlier, and then, how showed me some "recommendations," one of which included the latest book in the Wheel of Time series. I clicked on the link and it showed me that it's coming out at the end of October (yay!), and I wondered if we should pre-order it. Well, he then asked me "Oh, hey, what about the sequel to the Name of the Wind." Oh, yes! I had forgotten about it. I could check on it after dinner. But then, I glanced over to the buffet, to the stack of mail, and noticed there was a bill in there that I needed to pay (yes, thank you, I DO know about online banking, but for some reason, I CANNOT get this account to coincide with billpay, but I digress), so I decided, I would get the bill, take it to my desk to write out a check, and hey, while I'm there, I can just do a quick check on Amazon for that book. So I did, but there's no sequel, although, oddly enough, the title and due date for a third book is already posted. So, I decide to do a little searching via Google, and somehow found a mention of someone saying that on Patrick Rothfuss' site (the author of The Name of the Wind), he mentions what's up with the sequel. So, I go to Rothfuss' site, and start scrolling down, to see what I can find. All I'm getting really is no, there's no update. Until I stop on one of his entries, where he has a youtube video embedded. And it makes me tilt my head. I read over the post a little more ... and then clicked on the video.

OH MY GOSH! Talk about hilarious! I was cackling so much, that Brian finally came over and asked me what I was laughing at, and then I played it again for him. Hehehe ... he found it funny as well. Then he's about to go get us some dessert, when I glance down and realize ... I still have to write out a check for the bill! So, I played another video for him I wanted him to see, while I wrote a check, and all that good stuff.

Then, I did a search for that which was related to this funny video, and realized there's a whole webseries about it! So Brian sat and watched a few episodes of the series called "The Guild." Basically, it's a series about gamers (like those who play WoW), and their online and offline adventures. Anyway, to kick of their new season (3), they had a professional music video done. And that's what I find so hilarious.

And it all began, with a simple conversation about a book, and needing to pay a bill. And that only took away like an hour of my time!!

But because I'm sure you're dyin' to see the video, here it is:


Charles Gramlich September 26, 2009 at 1:06 PM  

OK, that's definitely pretty good. Brings back memories even. LOL.

Gabby September 26, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

Charles, I TOTALLY know about the memories. Hehehehe...

Christine September 27, 2009 at 12:31 PM  

I adore The Guild! (Though I don't think the third season is as good as the first two so far.) Felicia Day is hilarious. I get that song stuck in my head every time I listen to it!

Did you see on Rothfuss' site that his girlfriend had their baby? I don't know how much writing he's going to get done for a while.

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