Sunday, August 7, 2011


About a week and a half ago, Brian and I went to see

I have wanted to go see a Cirque du Soleil production for years and years, but the tickets were so expensive! So, I finally wised up and got on their mailing list, which not only lets you know when a production is coming to town, but also lets you buy tickets before others and usually at a discount. So, back in March, I got tickets (for a really good price for being on the 10th row) to this July's Dallas performance of Dralion.

Dralion is a melding of a Dragon and a Lion (sort of an East meets West thing, I think?), but also, this particular show was about man against or working with nature. So, of course, some of the main characters were the 4 elements.

However, there were also some hilarious clowns to entertain throughout the show (and they kept picking on an "audience member").

However, one of my favorite acts was this juggler.

Uhm, not only was he extremely athletic and talented (juggling a gazillion balls at a time), but he was also totally cute! *LOL* I know, I know, I'm such a dork. Okay, so maybe some of it's the makeup, so sue me. (No, really, without the makeup he's cute too!)

But, my favorite, favorite act was the ribbon dancers!

*dreamy sigh* They were just wonderful! The dance was so sensual, yet tasteful, beautiful, romantic, dreamy, athletic (again, I mean, come on, ALL of these people are athletic -- check out the muscles!). So pretty!

It's just amazing to me what the human body is capable of. There were some amazing athletes that could do crazy things with their bodies! It really left me with my mouth hanging open in awe and surprise a lot of the time. I will say the storyline was a little weak, but, I've heard that's a little common, and that Dralion's is especially loose, but that's okay. I definitely want to see another one!!

The only thing bad I have to say is that the arena was a little warm (and this particular arena is where local hockey games are played, so you KNOW they can keep it cold in there if they want to), and the seats were really uncomfortable. I should have brought a pillow. But, that's not Cirque's fault. *shrug*

Highly recommend it, if you've never been!

(Oh, and this was our late 5-year wedding anniversary gift to each other. ^_^ We then had dinner at IHop! *LOL* I know, so not romantic for 5 years, but we both had to rush home after work to go, and we didn't have time for dinner before, and nothing much was open after, so .... Still enjoyed it, though. ^_^)


Charles Gramlich August 8, 2011 at 9:38 AM  

Very impressive for sure.

Erika August 15, 2011 at 8:44 AM  

Ooh! That looks really neat.

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