Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Invited

This past Saturday was my niece's bridal shower, which I was told, er, asked to give for her, along with some of her other aunts. It was a great party, but I won't go into all the drama about people not RSVPing, etc., as this is not the purpose of this post.

After people had left, and we were all talking, somehow it was mentioned that the invitations for the wedding had gone out a week and a half ago. And I had to pause. A week and a half? Surely mine should have arrived by now. I mentioned this to my niece and we just thought that it was taking longer because of all the holiday mail.

But, after checking the mail on Saturday and not seeing one, I decided to ask some family members if they had received theirs. And ... they HAD. Hmmm.... Why had I not received mine? I had to be invited. I mean, I AM the favorite aunt, right??

And then I started thinking .... Their invitation list began as the invitation list from my wedding over 4 years ago. That way they could have family members on it, and then build from there. But WHO wouldn't be on that list? The list creators, in other words, Brian and I. No, I thought. Surely they made sure everyone who needed to be on the list was on the list and weren't just relying on it as is. But ... given ALL of the things that have just gone not as it should with that wedding, I realized that yes, that had to be it, it had to be that we were never added to the list that *I* provided.

So, I kindly called my niece and left her a message detailing the above. And, not 5 minutes later she calls back and ... (after she had checked) yes, that was exactly IT! We were never put ON the list. (And, of course, no one bothered to check it. Hmph.) She apologized, and it was actually kinda funny at this point, because it's just been thing after thing with them. But, you know ... even though I was told that I certainly knew how to throw a party (after the bridal shower), I just wanted to say, "Yet I was told to butt out of helping with the wedding."

Oh, well. At this point, everything is just funny, and I have to shake my head. Luckily, it's not my wedding. Mine was awesome and fabulous, everyone had a great time AND it's still talked about to this day. I say that THAT was a great party.

Oh. And my invitation is now on its way. ^_^


Erika December 22, 2010 at 8:38 AM  

It's good that you have a sense of humor!

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